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Crete Views Pictures Info's and History of the Island

Crete - Sence the Authentic Video presentation

A few words About this magnificent Destination. The Island of Crete.

"Sense the authentic"

Crete is the biggest island of Greece, with an extent of 8259 sq.kilom. Its located at SE Mediterranean and has a total population of 700.000 + residents..

The climate is mild, sunny all year with few rains from Oct. - April and is considered as one from more beautiful, healthier climate of Europe.

The following videos will try to give you a small idea why the Crete Island has been choosen as one of the best vacation destination.

Crete - Sence the Authentic  summer - video presentation

 "Crete - Sense The Authentic - Summer" 

Crete Chania Harbour

Some figures about the Island

The island is divided in 4 prefectures with 5 big cities (from west to east)

Chania (50.000 residents at Chania city),
Rethymno (30.000 res. at Rethymnon city),
Heraklion (115.000 res. at Heraklion city),
Lasithi (8.000 res. at Ag Nikolaos and 7.000 res at Sitia city)

Crete Heraklion - Knossos Minoan Palace - side View

History - General Historic Facts 

The history of Crete is rich and starts from Minoan Culture (one of the oldest in Europe) at the Season of Copper (2600-1100 bc). The palaces of Knossos Festos and the museums are open with very interesting sight seeings.

Crete played a supporting role in the revival of Greek civilization that began in the 9th century BCE, and during Athens’s heyday in the 5th century BCE Crete fascinated the Greeks as a source of myths, legends, and laws.

By 67 BCE the Romans appeared and completed their conquest of Crete by converting it into Cyrenaica, a province linked with North Africa. In 395 CE the island passed to Byzantium (the Eastern Roman Empire); the Arabs gained control over parts of Crete after 824 but lost them back to the Byzantines in 961.
Crete Chania Kissamos Ag Ioannis Rock - Cave church

In 1204, in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade, Crusaders sold the island to Venice, which fitted Crete into its growing commercial empire.

The native Cretans, however, never abandoned their Orthodox religion, Greek language, and popular lore. The Ottoman Turks, who were already in control of parts of Crete, wrested the capital city of Candia (now Irákleio) from the Venetians in 1669 after one of the longest sieges in history.

Crete stagnated under Turkish rule, and native uprisings were always foiled, including those in 1821 and 1866.

The Turks were finally expelled by Greece in 1898, after which the island held autonomous status until its union with Greece in 1913.
Crete Elounda Spinalonga Island

Why to choose Crete for your vacations :

Cretans are considered friendly with ancient rooted hospitality customs.
The island offers unlimited sun and beaches with crystal blue waters, awarded with more than 96 for the year 2008.
The landscape offers a wide diverse of natural resources with high mountains, gorges and natural walking paths throughout the whole island.
In this part of the world you will discover the fine products of Cretan land and the world famous Mediteranean diet a factor of longer living.
Its competitive advantages have made Crete one most attractive high quality tourist destinations at the mediterranean with a steadily rising tourism and economy. A property in Crete is a dream and an investment.

Looking for more info about Crete ? We will be more than happy to give you more information.
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